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Breach of Contract Lawyers

Contracts play a vital role in every facet of your life experiences both personally and professionally.  Whether the agreement involves the purchase of a home or vehicle, your insurance coverage, or a retail sales transaction, the impact of contract agreements hardly can be overstated.  If you are a business owner, contracts constitute the lifeblood of your company by governing the purchase terms for supplies, employee-employer issues, and other aspects of operating a successful commercial enterprise.

While a handshake might once have been the traditional way people did business, parties often misunderstand the terms of such an informal agreement.  Even meticulously drafted written contracts that have been voluntarily entered by both parties can lead to commercial disputes.  If you or your business have become involved in a contentious disagreement, our contract dispute attorneys at Tait & Hall Law Firm tenaciously protect our clients’ rights and clearly articulate their legal obligations.

Proven & Experienced  Contract Litigation Law Firm

If you are looking to enforce a breached contract or recover damages resulting from the other party’s failure to perform according to the terms of an agreement, our breach of contract attorneys represent individuals and businesses in a broad spectrum of contract disputes.  These cases could include violation of a non-disclosure or non-compete by a former employee or partner, unfulfilled subcontractor or supply contracts, breach of a commercial real estate sales contract, or conflicts over a multi-million-dollar financing agreement.

While we understand the benefits of negotiating a contract dispute to salvage a lucrative business relationship, our attorneys wield a wealth of experience and expertise in contract enforcement and interpretation.  Our attorneys are prepared to tenaciously litigate for our clients’ interests in a dispute over an agreement.  Tait & Hall Law Firm conducts efficient litigation with an eye focused on obtaining the best resolution given the needs and objectives of our clients.  Our law firm does not shy away from aggressive strategies like seeking preliminary injunctions and restraining orders to mitigate near-term losses that could be triggered by unfulfilled contract obligations.  Our attorneys are seasoned litigators that have a long track record of success in civil litigation cases that include contract disputes.

Because our attorneys have a proven record of success negotiating and litigating contract disputes, we have the expertise to analyze potential damages so that we can promptly and efficiently evaluate potential damages, dispute resolution strategies, and litigation defenses.  We bring an intense commitment and focus to resolving contract issues while exercising pragmatism and efficiency to obtain the best disposition for our clients.

Damages Businesses Might Recover in a Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Although the precise categories of damages available in a contract dispute will depend on the specific agreement and circumstances, some damages we might be able to pursue include:

Specific Performance: this type of court order requires the breaching party to fulfill promises contained in the agreement.  For example, a property owner might be compelled to proceed with the sale of a commercial property.

Liquidated Damages: many contracts include a liquidated damages clause.  These provisions stipulate the amount a party must pay for breaching the agreement.

 Consequential Damages: the intent of this type of damage award is to ensure the non-breaching party is made whole through compensation that provides the full benefit of the plaintiff’s bargain.  For example, a company that guarantees the delivery of supplies by a certain date might be liable for the innocent party’s loss of a contract to deliver products that were to be made from the late arriving supplies.

 Punitive Damages: while this form of compensation will be relatively rare in contract disputes, the court might award these damages if the breaching party’s conduct is particularly egregious to punish such conduct and discourage it in the future.

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Our attorneys at Tait & Hall Law Firm can help you evaluate the best strategies and the appropriate remedies to pursue.  Whether you are looking to enforce a contract or you have been accused of breaching an agreement in a contract dispute, we invite you to click HERE to schedule a consultation.


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