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Immigration Law

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Immigration Lawyers Serving Maricopa County

Immigration issues dominate the media and news headlines, but the political controversy can promote confusion about an individual’s legal rights and immigration options.  The United States remains a beacon of liberty and financial opportunity for many people around the world.  Our experienced Mesa immigration law attorneys at Tait & Hall Law Firm assist individuals seeking family reunification, companies recruiting skilled employees from overseas, and foreign nationals facing removal or deportation.  Our experienced lawyers have extensive litigation experience, so we have the expertise to make the American dream of hopeful immigrants a reality.

Areas of Immigration Law Our Mesa Law Firm Handles

Because we have represented many individuals facing immigration issues, we can help people navigating many areas of immigration law, such as:

  • Family Based Immigration – Immediate relative visas (parents, spouses & children of U.S. citizens), immigration and green cards through marriage, fiancé visas, parole in place (PIP) (option for legal immigration for members of the armed service and their family members even with illegal entry)
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – Qualified applicants receive legal status with employment authorization for a two-year period that is renewable.
  • Asylum – While individuals who fear persecution in their home country can apply for asylum status, the complexity of the process makes legal representation vital to success. The fear must be based on an individual’s status, such as a distinct social group, race, public opinion, religion, or nationality.
  • E2-Visas – Our attorneys can help entrepreneurs and investors pursuing business opportunities in the U.S. obtain this form of visa.
  • Green Cards through Marriage – If you are a U.S. national married to a U.S. citizen, which includes lawful same sex marriages, we can assist you in obtaining a green This process is referred to as Adjustment of Status.
  • Deportation Defense (including criminal defense of foreign nationals): Our attorneys have extensive litigation experience, which includes defense of individuals facing deportation. Our attorneys are former prosecutors who have handled many cases involving an attempt to remove undocumented immigrants and even lawful permanent residents for criminal offenses.  We also can provide legal representation and advise regarding alternative dispositions of a criminal case to avoid unintended immigration consequences.
  • Naturalization: Our immigration lawyers in Mesa can assess your eligibility for citizenship and guide you through the process.

Defense of Undocumented Immigrants and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) Facing Criminal Charges

Although the consequences of a criminal conviction can be devastating for anyone, non-citizens also face immigration issues.  Because our attorneys were successful prosecutors before shifting to criminal defense, we recognize that the resolution of your criminal case can have a serious negative impact on your immigration status by exposing you to possible deportation or compromising your ability to obtain citizenship.  We will make sure you understand the immigration implications of any disposition of your criminal case and guide you through the criminal justice and immigration process.

Mesa Deportation Defense – Tait & Hall Law Firm

Our Mesa immigration attorneys at Tait & Hall Law Firm can evaluate your situation and guide you through the asylum process or help you navigate employment or investor-based immigration obstacles.  We assist businesses and foreign nationals with employment-based immigration.  Our law firm also provides legal counsel to non-citizens facing criminal charges or deportation.  Contact us at (480) 405-6767 or send an email to learn about your legal alternatives.

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