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Rights Restoration

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For those who have been convicted of a crime and exhausted all forms of appeal and post-conviction claims, a set-aside is likely the only option left. Arizona does not offer the possibility of an “expungement” of criminal convictions, as is available in many other states. When a conviction is expunged, it is effectively wiped off the record as if the crime was never committed.

A set-aside, on the other hand, allows the crime to remain on one’s record but will be marked with a notation that the judge has set aside the judgment of guilt. Unlike expungement, the full benefits of a criminal set-aside require someone previously convicted to remain crime free. If one commits a new offense, the state may still use the set-aside conviction against them.

There are still several potential benefits to pursuing a set-aside. A person whose conviction has been set aside is no longer a “convict” and no longer stands convicted of a criminal offense. While an employer may still ask if a person has “ever been” convicted of a crime, Arizona leaders are considering changes in the law that would prevent employers from finding out in the initial application process whether set-aside convictions exist in the applicant’s record.

Apart from potential employment benefits, a set-aside can often come with other benefits, such as restoring one’s right to vote and possess a firearm or improving an immigrant’s possibilities in immigration court.

Set-asides are available to most convicted persons who have completed their sentence, any probation term and paid all fines, fees, and restitution.

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