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Client Testimonials

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What Our Criminal Defense Clients Say:

I am not exaggerating when I say that choosing to hire Ryan Tait as my attorney has had a greater impact in changing the course of my life for the better than any other decision I have ever made. I retained him as my attorney during the most stressful time of my entire life–I was being investigated by law enforcement for something that had the potential for life altering consequences. Law enforcement had severe and damning evidence against me and I was absolutely terrified that I was going to lose everything. Ryan got involved and was incredibly aggressive in working with law enforcement to resolve the matter. He was able to get ALL charges dropped which was something I didn’t think would ever be possible. Before hiring Ryan I had consulted with a different attorney who suggested that my best possible option was to plea to some pretty serious offenses-I was devastated at that news and continued my search for an attorney who wouldn’t give up–that’s when I found Ryan. I am so glad that I didn’t listen to the other attorney and instead invested in hiring Ryan as my attorney. He was so easy to talk to and was compassionate and totally nonjudgmental. He believed in me and was confident and passionate about fighting for me. At the end of the whole ordeal I was told by an individual from law enforcement that I was incredibly lucky that I had such a good attorney–I believe this to be true and it is obvious that he is well known and respected and/or feared by law enforcement. If you are reading this review because you are searching for an attorney, I can say with confidence that you will not regret choosing to hire Ryan Tait. – Allison

I will highly recommend Ryan to any one, personally i can say he is one of the best lawyers in AZ, he does his best to get the job done. He always demonstrated confidence which gave us peace of mind. He treats his clients with respect and he knows how to listen. Ryan did an excellent job in our case he persevered until the end. If you are looking for a lawyer that gets the job done and always willing to tell you the truth get Ryan. – Laura

Arthur Hall used to be a former prosecutor before becoming a defense attorney. As soon as I learned that he was a prosecutor, I felt that I had an advantage not many other do. I feel that his past experience gave him knowledge of the law, but also a lot of confidence and rapport with the people who had the case against me and the judges. It was nice to feel confident in someone who had my freedom in his hands. He was aggressive with his negotiations because he knew based on my case and his prosecutorial experience what the best deal was that he could get. I highly recommend AJ to defend you. – A Satisfied Client

I was charged with an Aggravated Assault based on a mistaken identification. It was terrifying dealing with the possibility of going to prison for something I didn’t do! The prosecutor refused to dismiss my case for a long time, but Ryan never gave up. He kept fighting with the prosecutor until eventually my case was dismissed and I was finally able to go back to living my life! I would totally recommend Ryan to anyone who is innocent of their charges. – A.G. Phoenix, AZ

My nephew was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up being charged with several serious felonies. He was facing no less than 40 years in prison! Our entire family was shocked when we found out how harsh Arizona’s laws are for people who make innocent mistakes. My nephew was such a good kid who did not deserve to be locked up for most of his life. Ryan not only answered all of our questions and helped us through the case, but truly cared about our family and my nephew. The State offered him a plea to 13-17 years. Ryan outlined all the pros and cons of going to trial, which is what my nephew did. After 3 weeks of trial, with all of us sitting on pins and needles, Ryan convinced the jury to come back not guilty on all of the most serious charges and my nephew ended up only serving a year! Our family will forever be grateful for Ryan’s passionate and caring representation. – K.E. Phoenix, AZ

When time is against you in the worst possible way, you find yourself wishing two things:

  1. Wishing you knew a criminal Attorney before you got in trouble.
  2. Wishing your best friend was a criminal Attorney

That’s where Arthur comes into play.. Expect the same representation from start to finish as if your life long best friend was standing next to you fighting for the best possible achievable outcome.
The ending result will provide two additional life long benefits

  1. You have a new best friend
  2. If you ever find yourself in a bad spot again… Your best friend is a criminal defense Attorney.

A Satisfied Client

AJ Hall was INCREDIBLE from the minute I called him and told him my situation until the very last court date where he got me an incredible deal… More than I could have ever hoped for. AJ took on my case and made me feel comfortable right away and never made me promises he couldn’t keep. He guided me and never mislead me even good news or not. Throughout my whole very long ordeal he was so professional, informative, compassionate, and fought so hard to get me what I needed!! Although the battle was rough he never gave up and was willing to do whatever I wanted, take it as far as I wanted to get the outcome I wanted/needed! And I can’t be more thankful. He went to court so many times for me to fight my battle and to get me the best possible outcome and he did!!! The very last court date when it seemed the outcome on everything would be great except for 1 thing my worst fear jail time me having to leave my children and go there (I even had a date picked to check in) he got it over turned and save me from it and for that I am forever grateful. He handles everything with care and compassion. I highly recommend him!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!! – Michelle

I hired this lawyer to take on my case that didn’t look like it was a winning case he won my case for me and I’m a free woman today to be able to speak of it. – Aaronessa

We would like to write a review for Ryan Tait as we are extremely pleased with his very professional representation on our family case. Thank for always keeping us informed . We would definitely recommend him as he has all of the necessary knowledge and experience to be an outstanding legal adviser. Thank you for always. – Heidi

We were referred to Tait & Hall through friends. We are so happy we chose this legal team to represent my son, as well as, helping us through the process of legal action. Their defense knowledge and experience put us at ease. We worked with Mr. Tait…who was very confident, yet realistic. I plan to refer anyone in the issues we faced to use Tait & Hall. – A Satisfied Client

Ryan Tait did an excellent job for our family. Ryan was very cordial and professional. He answered every single phone call of mine and took all the time I needed to talk about our case. Ryan called me exactly when he said he would call and he would have all the information he said he would have for me. We are very satisfied with Mr. Tait and his fine associate Mr. A.J. Hall. The outcome of our case was far better than we expected. We would highly recommend Ryan Tait to anyone who needs a very competent and aggressive attorney. – Frank


What Our DUI Clients Say:

Ryan Tait is a very talented, professional and knowledgeable DUI lawyer in Arizona. His dedication and commitment to my case helped get most of my charges dropped and my sentence reduced greatly. He was very attentive, responsive, payed close attention to detail and showed genuine concern about my case and I could not be more thankful. I would recommend Ryan Tait to anyone in need of a DUI lawyer. You will not regret your decision. – A Satisfied Client

We used AJ Hall for my daughters DUI defense. I had no prior experience with other law firms and was pleasantly surprised. My daughter was a minor at the time. AJ was very knowledgeable about the juvenile justice system. My daughters case was resolved quickly with a positive result. AJ always returned our phone calls and addressed any concerns that came up. We would use him again if needed. – A Satisfied Client

I hired AJ Hall as my under age daughter needed to be properly represented for a car accident with DUI charge. A.J. and his firm developed a good rapport with my teen and worked efficiently through out the whole legal process. This was a very stressful time for my daughter, but with the confidence we had in A.J.’s legal knowledge and strategy, it made the end result better than we expected. – A Satisfied Client

My cdl was on the line and I couldn’t have had better representation. AJ Hall handled my case well and I had a better outcome than I ever could have hoped for. Thanks to all of you.

A Satisfied Client

I was charged with a DUI and told by everyone I talked to that hiring a lawyer would not be able to help me because my BAC was too high. They were wrong! A.J. was able to get my DUI reduced to reckless driving. This resulted in no requirement for an interlock device or any of the other DUI requirements. A.J. was extremely helpful throughout my entire case and easy to get in touch with. I hope I never need a defense attorney again, but if I do I will definitely call A.J. – A Satisfied Client

I was accused of a super-extreme DUI in Tempe. I was told by every lawyer that the best result I could hope for was having the charge reduced to a regular DUI. A.J. spent months getting every piece of evidence for my case, and in the end was able to convince the state that they would lose a trial and had the charges completely dismissed. The result was incredible in itself, but throughout the process, which was six months, A.J. was a complete professional. He answered all my questions and made me confident that my case was being handled well, which was proven when the case was dismissed. I can’t recommend A.J. enough. – A Satisfied Client

AJ, When I had lost hope, you were there to remind me that we are all human. I showed poor judgement one night but I didn’t feel as if I had broken the law. You performed like a surgeon from the beginning. You and your staff are THE BEST…I can’t emphasize enough…just how superb AJ’s representation is. My DUI case occurred in Tempe, AZ… One of the toughest counties in the state for DUI’s. AJ’s defense was persistent, tenacious, and always professional.. He was able to get me a plea bargain and a lesser charge; for that…I am extremely grateful. He kept me continuously updated on the case. You will not find better representation than at their office, anywhere in AZ. Don’t hesitate to get the VERY best attorney to defend you. Call his office, the staff will take excellent care of you ! Highly recommend you to those that may find themselves in a similar situation. Thank you! – C.S. Scottsdale, AZ.

I was pulled over for DUI in Gilbert, AZ. At the time, I was extremely scared as I had never been accused of something as serious as drinking and driving. The officer was aggressive and tried to bully me into a bunch of tests. Eventually the officer cuffed me, took me to the blood testing facility, and had my blood drawn. A few weeks later I received a letter in the mail stating that I had to go to court for DUI charges. When I opened the letter I was extremely distraught because they wanted to throw me in jail, force me to have a breathalyser in my car, and the MVD threatened to suspend my driver license. I was also worried that the DUI charge would affect my work as a DUI is a charge that must be reported to my company due to the industry that I am employed.

I reached out to Mr. Hall who without hesitation took my case and helped me feel that everything would be all right. Over the next couple of months, Mr. Hall went to court for me and investigated my case. He collected medical evidence, obtained police reports, and took pictures of the location in Gilbert that the officer accused me of being DUI.

When it was time for my case to finally go before a judge I went to court with Mr. Hall. I was amazed and relived when court finished because I walked out of court with only a honking horn violation. Mr. Hall got my DUI charges dismissed and made sure I kept my driver license without any traffic points. – A Satisfied Client


What Our Personal Injury Clients Say:

I was in a car accident right before being arrested and put in jail for something unrelated. I had an attorney helping me with the accident before getting arrested, but they dropped me once I was in jail. Ryan and AJ came and visited me and figured out how to get my settlement money for me, even though I was in custody. Thank you guys. – R.O. Phoenix, AZ


Orders of Protection:

If you need a lawyer that listens to you and helps get what you want/need, he’s the guy. I heard good things about him and he didn’t let me down. He is a true ally and will not let others walk all over you. I’m currently going through a nasty divorce and he has stepped in to help when false allegations were made against me. It has been about a month or so since he helped me and he text me a few days ago to check in and see how I’m doing! Such a good guy but doesn’t take crap from the opposing counsel/party. I will always refer people in need to him. I trust him to fight for me and my family. His rating should be a 10 out of 10. Seriously, meet with his firm, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Ryan for all your help! – Travis

We are among the very few Criminal Defense law firms in our area to have the maximum Avvo rating.

A Superb rating from Avvo implies that we are fully focused on providing the best services to all of our clients.

We won recognition for achieving the perfect combination of experience and passion. Tait & Hall is honored to be nominated for the prestigious Top 40 Under 40 award.

Since we have a number of satisfied clients all over the state, this accolade has been a well-earned one.