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  • Arthur Hall used to be a former prosecutor before becoming a defense attorney. As soon as I learned that he was a prosecutor, I felt that I had an advantage not many other do. I feel that his past experience gave him knowledge of the law, but also a lot of confidence and rapport with… – A Satisfied Client
  • I was charged with an Aggravated Assault based on a mistaken identification. It was terrifying dealing with the possibility of going to prison for something I didn’t do! The prosecutor refused to dismiss my case for a long time, but Ryan never gave up. He kept fighting with the prosecutor… – A.G. Phoenix, AZ
  • My nephew was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up being charged with several serious felonies. He was facing no less than 40 years in prison! Our entire family was shocked when we found out how harsh Arizona’s laws are for people who make innocent mistakes. My nephew was… – K.E. Phoenix, AZ
  • When time is against you in the worst possible way, you find yourself wishing two things: 1) Wishing you knew a criminal Attorney before you got in trouble. 2) Wishing your best friend was a criminal Attorney. That’s where Arthur comes into play.. Expect the same representation from start… – A Satisfied Client
  • AJ Hall was INCREDIBLE from the minute I called him and told him my situation until the very last court date where he got me an incredible deal… More than I could have ever hoped for. AJ took on my case and made me feel comfortable right away and never made me promises he couldn’t keep… –Michelle

At Tait & Hall, getting your case dismissed is our TOP priority. Our Arizona criminal defense team consists entirely of former prosecutors. This unique experience gives us the edge in understanding the tactics prosecutors use and how to attack and defend against them. Our Arizona defense attorneys have secured acquittals in a wide variety of criminal cases, ranging from petty offenses and DUIs to serious felonies. No matter how simple or complex the case, Tait and Hall offers the experience, track record and passion that produce results. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our qualified Arizona criminal defense attorneys and let us start fighting for you or your loved one today.

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