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  • We used AJ Hall for my daughters DUI defense. I had no prior experience with other law firms and was pleasantly surprised. My daughter was a minor at the time. AJ was very knowledgeable about the juvenile justice system. My daughters case was resolved… – A Satisfied Client
  • AJ, When I had lost hope, you were there to remind me that we are all human. I showed poor judgement one night but I didn’t feel as if I had broken the law. You performed like a surgeon from the beginning. You and your staff are THE BEST… – C.S. Scottsdale, AZ.
  • I hired AJ Hall as my under age daughter needed to be properly represented for a car accident with DUI charge. A.J. and his firm developed a good rapport with my teen and worked efficiently through out the whole legal process. This was a very stressful time for my daughter, but with the confidence we had in A.J.’s…- A Satisfied Client
  • My cdl was on the line and I couldn’t have had better representation. Aj Hall handled my case well and I had a better outcome than I ever could have hoped for. Thanks to all of you. – A Satisfied Client
  • I was charged with a DUI and told by everyone I talked to that hiring a lawyer would not be able to help me because my BAC was too high. They were wrong! A.J. was able to get my DUI reduced to reckless driving. This resulted in no requirement for an interlock device or any of the other…- A Satisfied Client
  • I was accused of a super-extreme DUI in Tempe. I was told by every lawyer that the best result I could hope for was having the charge reduced to a regular DUI. A.J. spent months getting every piece of evidence for my case, and in the end was able to convince the state that they would… – A Satisfied Client
  • I was pulled over for DUI in Gilbert, AZ. At the time, I was extremely scared as I had never been accused of something as serious as drinking and driving. The officer was aggressive and tried to bully me into a bunch of tests. Eventually the officer cuffed me, took me to the… – A Satisfied Client

A DUI conviction can result in costly fines, loss of driving privileges, jail time and damage to your reputation. DUI charges are among the most common types of charges filed in Arizona, yet are also among the most complicated to defend. Our experienced Arizona DUI attorneys have fought countless Arizona DUI cases, and won. You don’t have to face the complexities of DUI charges alone. Let our team of successful Arizona DUI defense attorneys put our proven defense strategies to work for you.

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