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Why a Medical Director Joined Tait & Hall’s Personal Injury Team

Recently, our firm, Tait & Hall here in Phoenix, Arizona, hired a medical director! Rolando is an experienced medical professional that serves as a resource to our Personal Injury lawyers and team.  

You may be wondering… 

A medical director at a law firm??? 

We get it. A medical director is not a role you’ll typically find in a law firm, even in the world of Personal Injury law. Luckily, we’re not your typical law firm! Adding a medical director to our Personal Injury team has expanded our ability to serve our clients with a well-rounded approach to winning injury settlements. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into our firm’s approach to our clients’ personal injury claims.

Personal Injury Law is multi-faceted by nature.

As a result, our clients’ needs are multi-faceted, too. 

Our clients with injury claims have both legal AND medical needs. As such, in order to meet their needs on all fronts, we help our clients receive BOTH: 

  1. Quality medical care attuned to their injuries and individual needs AND  
  1. The highest possible financial settlements for their injury claims. 

Further, Tait & Hall has teamed up with a medical professional who serves the Personal Injury team as medical director. In doing so we’ve built a team of professionals with the combined knowledge and experience appropriate for navigating the crossover between these two professional fields. 

Let’s get clear about what our medical director does and doesn’t do. 

Our medical director does 

  • Serve as a resource to our attorneys and personal injury team 
  • Provide requested feedback from the perspective of an experienced medical professional 

He does NOT 

  • Provide medical care 
  • Direct our clients’ medical treatment  
  • Tell medical treatment providers what to do 

Our Medical Director helps us better serve our clients because… 

  1. He’s cultivated positive relationships with – and can help clients find – medical providers that administer high-quality care AND understand Personal Injury Law. These two characteristics ensure our clients a greater likelihood of success in restoring to full health, reaching a winning settlement, and maximizing their recovery. 
  1. He assists our attorneys with reviewing our clients’ medical records to ensure our clients are receiving the appropriate degree of care, according to the nature and severity of their personal injuries. He also ensures the attorneys understand the findings in those records and how they relate to our clients’ injury claims. 

As you can see, we added a medical director to our Personal Injury team to be able to better serve our clients with a more well-rounded approach to winning cases.  

Your health matters to us: winning cases should include financial compensation for your injuries AND should also take into account your unique medical needs and treatment plans. 

A Uniquely-Qualified Personal Injury Team 

Each of us is different and has individual needs based on our unique circumstances. Likewise, every accident is different, every resulting injury is different, and the medical treatment for those injuries should be different, too.  

Tait & Hall’s Personal Injury team is unique.

That’s what makes us good at what we do. 

Because Personal Injury Law is so multi-faceted, your Personal Injury lawyer should be taking a multi-faceted approach to your case. If you’re injured in an accident, you’ll need the best possible medical care AND financial compensation available to you. Moreover, both should be aligned with your specific injuries and individual needs. 

We have the resources to get you there. 

You deserve a unique team to help you with your unique personal injury claim.  

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