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Arizona Criminal Defense LawyersOur Arizona criminal defense team consists entirely of former prosecutors. This unique experience gives us the edge in understanding the tactics prosecutors use and how to attack and defend against them.

Our Arizona defense attorneys have secured acquittals in a wide variety of criminal cases, ranging from petty offenses and DUIs to serious felonies.

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DUI LawA DUI conviction can result in costly fines, loss of driving privileges, jail time and damage to your reputation. DUI charges are among the most common types of charges filed in Arizona, yet are also among the most complicated to defend.

Our experienced Arizona DUI attorneys have fought countless Arizona DUI cases, and won. We represent clients charged with DUI across the valley, including Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Tempe. You don’t have to face the complexities of DUI charges alone. Let our team of successful Arizona DUI defense attorneys put our proven defense strategies to work for you.

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Arizona Personal Injury LawyersWe are dedicated to obtaining justice on behalf of anyone who has suffered a personal injury. Our premier team of attorneys tackles a variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases including car accidents, bicycle accidents, premises liability, product liability, nursing home negligence, dog bites, at-work injuries and more.

We only represent individuals, not corporations or big insurance companies and we give each of our clients personal care and attention every step of the way, fighting for and securing the settlements they deserve. We are pleased to further serve our personal injury clients by charging by contingency fee only – this means that our representation costs you nothing unless we win your case – and we plan to.

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Real Estate Law ServicesEach attorney on our real estate team also carries an active real estate license. This multifaceted training model means that each attorney working on your case has a deep understanding, not only of the legal complexities of each case, but also of the most up-to-date developments in the real estate industry affecting your interests.

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Most types of business conflicts including contract, property and financial disputes are covered in commercial litigation. We work closely with individuals and groups on all aspects of such issues.

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An agreement is enforceable only when it becomes a contract. A written contract is a document that legally binds the parties involved in the contract. Contracts can protect one’s liabilities, interests, and rights.

Unfortunately, disputes may arise when it comes to the validity or interpretation of a contract. When this occurs, a skilled attorney on your side can be very helpful. Our team offers strong legal services in the settlement of contract disputes.

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Family violence is very personal matters where your family problems are brought to the courtroom. Issues involving protection order are intensified by the anxiety of what is going to happen in the future in relationships. We guide clients through the legal process of obtaining or challenging an order of protection or injunction against harassment. Regardless of the facts involved, we serve as your strong and committed advocate.

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A guardian is a person appointed by the court to manage the rights and property affairs of someone who is a minor or is at a risk of harm because he/she cannot manage the affairs by his/herself. Our legal team can assist you in all the matters relating to guardianship for yourself or your loved ones.

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When fighting a traffic ticket you need an attorney who has a good knowledge of the matter and has extensive experience. Arizona has unique traffic violation laws and penalties. You need to hire an attorney that is well aware of the consequences that a traffic violation may have on your driver’s license.

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For those who have been convicted of a crime and exhausted all forms of appeal and post-conviction claims, a set-aside is likely the only option left. Arizona does not offer the possibility of an “expungement” of criminal convictions, as is available in many other states. When a conviction is expunged, it is effectively wiped off the record as if the crime was never committed.

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For those who were charged, but never convicted, Arizona law allows the possibility that all records of the allegations be sealed and destroyed. This means that any public record of the charges is destroyed. Courts are no longer allowed to maintain a public record of the case charges or history and the police department may no longer disseminate any information regarding the investigation.

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