Theft Crimes in Arizona

Theft is a serious charge in Arizona and encompasses a wide array of potential conduct or allegations. In addition, some theft charges require a mandatory prison sentences, without the possibility of probation.

Arizona Theft Laws

What defines “theft”?

Under Arizona law, theft is defined as any of the following, if done “knowingly” or with sufficient knowledge:

  1. Controlling the property of another with the intent to deprive the other person of such property
  2. Converting for an unauthorized term or use services or property of another entrusted to the defendant or placed in the defendant’s possession for a limited, authorized term or use
  3. Obtaining services or property of another by means of any material misrepresentation with intent to deprive the other person of such property or services
  4. Coming into control of lost, mislaid, or misdelivered property of another under circumstances providing means of inquiry as to the true owner and appropriating such property to the person’s own or another uses without reasonable efforts to notify the true owner
  5. Controlling property of another, knowing or having reason to know that the property was stolen
  6. Obtaining services are known to the defendant to be available only for compensation without paying or an agreement to pay the compensation, or diverting another’s services to the person’s own or another’s benefit without authority to do so

The Classification of Theft Charges in Arizona

Whether theft is a misdemeanor or felony, and what level of felony it is, depends on the value of the items or services allegedly stolen or obtained. Depending on the circumstances, jail time and fines are accessed. If the value of the items or services allegedly stolen exceeds $100,000, individuals convicted are ineligible for probation.

For these reasons, if you face theft charges, you need an experienced Arizona theft crimes and criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers

Determining a Strong Defense Strategy for YOU

At Tait & Hall, our team of attorneys has decades of combined experience, with a considerable track record of success. Our attorneys have successfully defended individuals charged with all types and ranges of theft crimes.

In many cases, we can prove that the property was allegedly stolen was intended as a gift or the person had permission to use it. In other cases, we can ascertain that the state’s evidence or witness cannot establish beyond a reasonable doubt the identity of the defendant.

Additionally, police may have violated your constitutional rights in various ways. If so, it may result in the suppression of evidence obtained in an illegal search or the suppression of statements or confessions.

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