Violent Offenses

Charges for Violent Offenses in Arizona

Violent crimes can include manslaughter, kidnapping, assault, robbery, firearm charges, and more. Such charges can lead to harsh, intimidating penalties.When you face serious charges for violent crimes in Arizona, you need a strong criminal defense lawyer to advocate for your rights.

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers Experienced in Fighting Against Severe Allegations

At Tait & Hall, we have several decades of combined experience in protecting the rights of individuals across the state of Arizona. We can consult with several forensic experts when necessary and will determine a customized defense strategy for your case.

Our attorneys handle a wide variety of violent crimes cases, including, but not limited to:

Arizona Laws regarding Violent Crimes

Arizona Manslaughter Laws

Generally, the term “manslaughter” is used to describe anything ranging from accidental death to homicide. However, manslaughter has a very specific definition in Arizona. Unless the crime matches the definition outlined by Arizona state law, charges may be reduced or even dismissed.

Arizona Assault Laws

If you’ve been accused of aggravated assault, be aware that these accusations are very serious. Depending on the nature of the crime, a conviction of aggravated assault can result in severe punishment. Further, in addition to facing criminal charges, you may also face civil charges in an Arizona aggravated assault case.

A strong defense is necessary to pursue a favorable outcome in such circumstances. Hiring an experienced Arizona criminal defense lawyer is your best option, and here at Tait & Hall we have what it takes to effectively fight for your rights. 

Assault Charges Involving Motor Vehicles 

In Arizona, criminal prosecutors file many cases that we call “vehicular aggravated assault” cases. In general, these are cases resulting from a car accident that caused an injury. 

Keep in mind that, in Arizona, assault is most commonly charged under the theory that the defendant intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly caused an injury to another person. Utilizing this theory, the state will often charge vehicular aggravated assault against a driver who causes an accident, while driving under the influence, that results in injuries. The State can allege that, because the driver was driving under the influence, the driver was acting recklessly when the injury was caused.

Weapons Charges in Arizona

Misconduct involving weapons consists of several different crimes. Depending on the facts of the case it can be charged as a Class 3 felony, Class 4 felony, Class 6 felony, or Class 1 misdemeanor.

Unlawful discharge of a firearm is a Class 6 felony. Such charges can result if the state discovers a person who, with criminal negligence, discharges a firearm within or into the limits of any municipality.

There are many more violent crimes that individuals may be charged with in Arizona. Regardless of which charges you’re facing, we can help you fight for your rights.

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