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- Founding Partner -

Arthur J. Hall, Esq.

Arthur J. Hall (AJ) is the founding partner of Tait & Hall, PLLC where he focuses on personal injury, wrongful death and litigation matters. As a child, Mr. Hall admired lawyers who stuck up to the “bully” for the underdog. Now as a personal injury attorney he experiences big insurance companies trying to bully injured people into absurd settlements all the time. Mr. Hall sees injured people who take on big insurance companies as the underdogs. His passion is to advocate for his Clients and aggressively stand up to big companies who try to take advantage of people.

Mr. Hall’s passion to help people lead him to begin his legal career as a criminal prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.  As a prosecutor for nearly four years he was in the courtroom almost everyday. He litigated a great number of cases where he gained substantial jury trial experience and accumulated a considerable number of trial victories. Mr. Hall uses his extensive trial experience to successfully advocate for his Clients to strategically win cases.

Mr. Hall moved to Arizona with his parents when he was three years old but considers himself a lifelong Arizona resident. He has raised his family in Arizona and has four children and one grandchild. He enjoys the Arizona outdoors and spending time with his family. As a family man, Mr. Hall is familiar with the challenges an injury and legal issues can bring upon a family. He has worked tirelessly to help individuals and families fight bullies and return injured people to wellness.

If you, a family member, or someone you love has been injured “Call Hall,” with Tait & Hall, PLLC  at (480) 405-6767 or click here to request a consultation with Mr. Hall.